Nintendo NES with 2 controllers and 11 games tested works (164381792498)

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Value: $100.62
Price: $85.00
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Games Included

Found Value
Adventures of Lolo $12.34 X
Air Fortress $3.82 X
Bases Loaded $4.08 X
Family Feud $12.38 X
Hoops $3.92 X
Legend of Zelda $24.27 X
Snake Rattle n Roll $8.11 X
Spy Hunter $6.21 X
Tecmo Bowl $9.09 X
Zelda II The Adventure of Link $16.40 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo nes with 2 controllers 11 games tested works condition used games include legend zelda adventure link adventure lolo bases loaded tecmo bowl air fortress snake rattle n roll battle midway hoops jack nicklaus family feud spy hunter you may have blow on cartridges insert two at once push game down but it all works

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