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Value: $703.85
Price: $272.00
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Listing Type: Auction
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Items Included

Found Value
1942 $11.19 X
Adventures of Bayou Billy $5.96 X
Amagon $9.07 X
Bases Loaded $3.44 X
Blades of Steel $4.28 X
Blaster Master $11.58 X
Captain Skyhawk $4.16 X
Castlequest $9.24 X
Cobra Command $10.21 X
Code Name Viper $8.11 X
Days Of Thunder $7.20 X
Double Dribble $5.00 X
Dr. Mario $9.56 X
Duck Hunt $6.50 X
Excitebike $8.02 X
Fester's Quest $6.07 X
Flying Dragon $7.38 X
Gauntlet II $11.35 X
Gyromite $5.00 X
Hogan's Alley $6.99 X
Hoops $4.25 X
Iron Tank $6.70 X
Jaws $12.00 X
Joust $9.99 X
Kings of the Beach $5.45 X
Legacy of the Wizard $7.59 X
Legend of Zelda $28.57 X
Legendary Wings $10.66 X
Lode Runner $11.17 X
Lunar Pool $6.14 X
Metroid $23.76 X
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out $40.00 X
Millipede $7.97 X
Monster Party $21.49 X
Ninja Gaiden II The Dark Sword of Chaos $15.34 X
Nintendo NES Console $32.05 X
Nintendo World Cup $6.99 X
Operation Wolf $6.29 X
Play Action Football $3.90 X
Popeye $20.96 X
Pro Wrestling $7.95 X
R.C. Pro-AM $8.51 X
Rambo $9.99 X
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves $10.00 X
Rocket Ranger $6.13 X
Rygar $14.00 X
Silent Service $4.87 X
Solomon's Key $14.44 X
Spy Hunter $9.97 X
Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge $19.94 X
Super Dodge Ball $16.99 X
Super Mario Bros $19.99 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $16.54 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $5.95 X
Tecmo Super Bowl $19.97 X
Terminator 2 Judgment Day $8.90 X
Tetris $11.07 X
The Karate Kid $10.00 X
Tiger-Heli $5.65 X
Top Gun $3.54 X
Trojan $9.68 X
WWF Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge $12.44 X
World Class Track Meet $5.00 X
Zelda II The Adventure of Link $20.75 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nes nintendo lot 71 games extras ~ estate find ~ untested no reserve
fresh out local estate this week there was no console so i am unable test any games or controllers
these are being sold " as " not tested
condition varies throughout lot most are pretty nice shape there are some with typical signs age / use such as spots discoloration from age marker scuffs / scratches label wear / damage there are 2 that have major label damage 1 them 1942 other unidentifiable
i have wiped them down quickly prior photos but that all you may want do more detailed cleaning

included are

2 controllers
2 guns

1 mike tysons punch out
2 buble bobble
3 legend zelda gold cartridge
4 metroid
5 star trek 35th anniversary
6 super mario bros
7 popeye
8 super mario bros 3
9 monster party
10 adventure link
11 tecmo super bowl
12 joust
13 super dodge ball
14 ninja gaiden ii
15 lode runner
16 zodas revenge star tropics ii
17 rambo
18 amagon
19 solomons key
20 legendary wings
21 blades steel
22 rush n attack
23 adventures bayou billy
24 gyromite
25 operation wolf
26 excitebike
27 1942
28 super mario bros / duck hunt
29 robin hood prince thieves
30 top gun
31 unknown no label
32 hoops
33 hogans alley
34 double dribble
35 lunar pool
36 superspike v ball
37 nintendo world cup
38 blades steel
39 days thunder
40 captain skyhawk
41 castlequest
42 play action football
43 legacy wizard
44 tetris
45 pro wrestling
46 spy hunter
47 super mario / world class track meet / duck hunt
48 rc pro am
49 festers quest
50 bases loaded ii
51 millipede
52 iron tank
53 cobra command
54 karate kid
55 wwf wrestle mania steel cage challenge
56 gauntlet ii
57 tetris
58 dr mario
59 code name viper
60 flying dragon
61 trojan
62 terminator 2
63 pac man
64 jaws
65 tiger heli
66 rocket ranger
67 rygar
68 gyromite
69 silent service
70 kings beach
71 blaster master

again these are being sold " as " not tested
this heavy so shipping will be bit high im sure
if you have any questions or need additional photos please ask
what you see photos exactly what you will receive
this not returnable nor refundable
shipping via usps within us shipments outside us will go global shipping center its their hands from there any other shipping / customs fees are buyers responsibility
payment due within 3 days listing end quicker you pay quicker i ship
failure pay within 3 days will result an unpaid item case against you
positive feedback will be left once it received

on nov 21 21 at 11 31 49 pst seller added following information

relisted due non payment from deadbeat ebay user becky doylebedo1253


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