NES Nintendo Lot 52 Games TESTED 3 Controllers, 3 Zapper Guns, 20 Game Manuals (154086528056)

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Value: $497.90
Price: $685.00
US Shipping: $20.00
Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction BIN
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Games Included

Found Value
Airwolf $5.34 X
Astyanax $6.91 X
Baseball Stars $12.48 X
Bases Loaded $4.08 X
Bases Loaded 2 Second Season $4.73 X
Battle Chess $6.34 X
Bionic Commando $12.10 X
Bump 'n' Jump $7.40 X
Castlevania $26.85 X
Contra $29.95 X
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum $5.99 X
Double Dragon $11.61 X
Double Dragon II $10.00 X
Double Dribble $6.05 X
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy $11.50 X
George Foreman's KO Boxing $7.03 X
Golf $5.95 X
Hogan's Alley $7.38 X
Ice Hockey $5.20 X
Ikari Warriors II $8.30 X
James Bond Jr $29.99 X
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary $4.86 X
John Elway's Quarterback $3.75 X
Jordan vs Bird One on One $5.47 X
Knight Rider $8.87 X
Kung Fu $8.99 X
Legend of Zelda $24.27 X
Magmax $4.95 X
Major League Baseball $3.75 X
Metal Gear $9.99 X
Metroid $16.74 X
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out $26.08 X
Millipede $7.97 X
Ninja Gaiden $11.88 X
Paperboy $13.25 X
Pinball $6.76 X
Platoon $6.00 X
Q*bert $8.50 X
RC Pro-AM $6.97 X
Racket Attack $3.81 X
Rad Racer $6.99 X
Renegade $7.75 X
Ring King $9.92 X
Silent Service $5.43 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $20.01 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $4.00 X
Tag Team Wrestling $5.40 X
The Karate Kid $9.15 X
Thundercade $9.06 X
Tiger-Heli $4.92 X
Wizards and Warriors $7.23 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nes lot games controllers zapper guns and manuals

all games controllers zapper guns work have all been tested

lot includes

52 nes games



baseball stars

bases loaded

bases loaded 2 second season

battle chess

bionic commando

bump n jump



dash galaxy alien asylum

2 double dragon

double dragon ii

double dribble

fantastic adventures dizzy

george foremans ko boxing



hogans alley

ice hockey

ikari warriors 2 victory road

james bond jr

jeopardy 25th anniversary edition

john elways quarterback

jordan vs bird one on one

knight rider

kung fu


major league baseball

metal gear


mike tysons punch out


ninja gaiden

2 paperboy


racket attack

rad racer

rc pro am


ring king

silent service

super mario bros 2

tag team wrestling

the karate kid

2 legend zelda


wizards warriors

zelda 2 adventure of link

20 nes game manuals

bump n jump instruction manual

dash galaxy alien asylum instruction manual

2 double dragon instruction manual

hogans alley instruction manual

ikari warriors 2 victory road instruction manual

james bond jr instruction manual

john elways quarterback instruction manual

jordan vs bird one on one instruction manual

knight rider instruction manual

mike tysons punch out instruction manual

ninja gaiden instruction manual

platoon instruction manual

qbert instruction manual

rc pro am instruction manual

silent service instruction manual

super mario bros duck hunt instruction manual

the karate kid instruction manual

tiger heli instruction manual

thundercade instruction manual

also includes 3 nes controllers 3 nes zapper guns

payment delivery

payment method paypal

free shipping


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