Large 24 NES game lot all Tested! 24 Great Titles! All Authentic!! See Pics (144723441911)

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Value: $168.64
Price: $152.50
US Shipping: $15.99
Ends In: 8 hours
Listing Type: Auction
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Items Included

Found Value
Anticipation $3.00 X
Captain Skyhawk $7.07 X
Commando $7.00 X
Double Dare $18.48 X
Excitebike $8.84 X
Fester's Quest $6.50 X
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary $4.72 X
Karate Champ $3.95 X
Knight Rider $10.50 X
Pinball $6.69 X
Q*bert $10.82 X
Rad Racer II $7.00 X
Star Voyager $5.97 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $16.69 X
Tetris $7.85 X
The Three Stooges $9.99 X
Time Lord $9.08 X
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge $9.25 X
Wheel of Fortune $4.30 X
Yoshi's Cookie $10.94 X
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Listing Description & Photos

large 24nes game lot all tested 24 great titles all authentic

1 super mario 3

2 three stooges

3 john elway quarterback

4 knight rider

5 karate champ

6 pinball

7 captain skyhawk

8 rad racer 2

9 wheel fortune

10 turbo racing

11 anticipation

12 excitebike

13 star voyager

14 championship bowing

15 double dare

16 festers quest

17 qbert

18 commando

19 time lord

20 wrestlemania challenge

21 yoshis cookie

22 tetris

23 jeopardy 25th anniversary

24 cybernoid


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