Original Nintendo NES System Console, controllers, gun, 19 games, cords (133784290448)

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Value: $262.84
Price: $25.00
US Shipping: $21.90
Ends In: Closed
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Items Included

Found Value
10-Yard Fight $6.26 X
Baseball Stars $14.83 X
Bases Loaded $4.99 X
Contra $35.99 X
Double Dribble $5.65 X
John Elway's Quarterback $1.39 X
Legend of Zelda $26.90 X
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out $40.00 X
Nintendo NES Console $38.96 X
Platoon $6.99 X
RBI Baseball $8.58 X
Super Glove Ball $3.41 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $4.13 X
Tecmo Super Bowl $26.07 X
Tecmo World Wrestling $7.38 X
Top Gun $4.79 X
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge $6.99 X
Zelda II The Adventure of Link $19.53 X
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Listing Description & Photos

original nintendo nes system console 2 controllers 1 gun 19 games cords etc see all pictures for items be included this auction

condition "used" i bought this on ebay about 17 years ago played zelda few times it worked then but i remember having blow games few times order get it going i havent touched it since it has been sitting sealed storage bin i am not currently able test its working condition as far as i know nothing refurbished or replaced visually it appears be good condition

please message me if you need any other pictures or if you have any questions

shipped with usps priority mail will be wrapped carefully bubble wrap

games are
1 super mario bros/duck hunt
2 legend zelda
3 adventure link
4 super glove ball
5 top gun
6 techmo world wrestling
7 double dribble
8 contra
9 rbi baseball
10 rbi baseball with box
11 platoon
12 baseball stars
13 10 yard fight
14 john elways quarterback
15 mike tysons punch out
16 techmo super bowl
17 wrestle mania challenge
18 bases loaded
19 superspike v ball

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