Nintendo Nes System Console. Refurbished 72 Pin. 3 Games 2 Controllers Light gun (125094054640)

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Value: $123.70
Price: $157.50
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Found Value
Duck Hunt $16.50 X
Nintendo NES Console $50.25 X
Super Mario Bros $14.77 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $23.80 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $18.38 X
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Listing Description & Photos

the original nes nintendo console

this auction for an authentic nes console not lame nintendo classic with bunch preinstalled games this listing comes with following
  • one original nes console refurbished with new 72 pin connector
  • one new retro bit universal power adapter works with nes as well as your snes genesis consoles should you have them
  • one new rca cable for connection your tv
  • your choice two new nes clone controllers or two tested original nes controllers
  • one working light gun will only work on crt tvs does not work on modern televisions
  • thoroughly cleaned tested copies super mario / duck hunt super mario bros 2 or super mario bros 3
  • a special 10% off coupon our pick your game lot listing found here https wwwebaycom/itm/125029464246 will be messaged you shortly after purchase
we maintain stock over 300 games our pick your game lot listing you get discounts for purchasing 4 or more games with coupon give you an even greater discount if you purchase games within 24 hours console we can package them together send them one box this way you get exactly games you want with your console you know they are cleaned trusted play

buy with confidence

we open up each console clean out inside as well as install brand new 72 pin connector ensure highest quality connection possible with your nes games all consoles are tested before after installation make sure there are no issues we allow returns for up 30 days should you have any problems

fast shipping

free shipping on this listing our consoles are prepackaged after testing ensure that as soon as you order we can finish package get it dropped off so it gets you as soon as possible we offer free priority mail shipping inside continental us

frequently asked questions

  • will it work with my television

    while old school tube televisions are absolute best solution for older consoles rca composite video cable can connect directly from your nes any television that has an rca input with newer televisions this connection can cause some lag as televisions do not know how handle 240p signal can take time buffer image turning on "game mode" on modern television can help with this you can also purchase video processors that convert 240p signal an hdmi signal television can handle if you are concerned you may need an option like this contact us prior purchase we can help you figure out what your options are

    please note if you upgrade add light gun you must have tube television for light gun work

  • will it work with all nes games

    the original nes console works with all nintendo games console comes with brand new 72 pin reader installed into console old games pick up lot dirt over time can become difficult work on any console even with 72 pin readers if you buy your games from reputable people on e bay who know how clean games you should have no issues you can also check out my store or other listings as we professionally clean all our games ensure they work properly course you can purchase one our game packs with your console ensure that you have no issues

  • how good condition will consoles / games be

    it normal after 40 years for all consoles games have some signs wear tear this includes but not limited discoloring yellowing plastic nicks none this effects performance our games may have minor imperfections labels or small stickers / residue from past stickers placed on cart along way we ensure that all games console are working perfection any issues are purely cosmetic minor

  • i am having issues with console

    while we strive give you perfect console we are working with machines that are 40 years old very rarely things can go wrong our goal give you best experience possible if you have any issues with your console first 30 days you can ship it back for refund or we can exchange it for another model you can always reach out with any questions or concerns you have

  • which controllers should i choose

    the default controllers are quality clones original nes controller built same shape size as original controllers they are durable will feel similar however if you want that true old school collection feel you can select tested / refurbished original nes controllers just message us if you win listing request original nes controllers

havent found what you are looking for

be sure check out our store for additional products / services

https wwwebaycom/str/nesgamesandmore

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