NES Nintendo System Complete TESTED and Working + Super Mario Bros. 2 (114756463393)

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Found Value
Legend of Zelda $29.99 X
Metroid $19.80 X
Ms. Pac-Man (Namco) $38.48 X
NES Four Score $22.99 X
Nintendo NES Console $67.68 X
Power Glove $73.12 X
Power Pad $12.50 X
Super Mario Bros $18.35 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $21.92 X
Zapper Light Gun $11.95 X
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Listing Description & Photos

original nes nintendo entertainment system with 2 controllers power supply rf unit super mario bros 2 game also included

the nintendo entertainment system nes an 8 bit third generation home video game console produced by nintendo nintendo first released it japan as family computer commonly known as famicom 1983 nes remodelled version was released internationally following years

the nes featured number groundbreaking games such as platform game super mario bros action adventure games legend zelda metroid as one bestselling consoles its time nes helped revitalize us video game industry following video game crash 1983 nintendo introduced now standard business model licensing third party developers produce distribute games for nes nes was succeeded by super nintendo entertainment system launched japan 1990

for its cpu nes uses ricoh 2a03 an 8 bit microprocessor containing second source mos technology 6502 core running at 179 mhz for ntsc nes 166 mhz for pal version

the nes contains 2 kb onboard work ram game cartridge may contain expanded ram increase this amount sizes nes games vary from 8 kb galaxian 1 mb metal slader glory but 128 384 kb most common

the nes uses custom made picture processing unit ppu developed by ricoh all variation ppu feature 2 kb video ram 256 bytes on die "object attribute memory" oam store positions colors tile indices up 64 sprites on screen 28 bytes on die palette ram allow selection background sprite colors consoles 2 kb onboard ram may be used for tile maps attributes on nes board 8 kb tile pattern rom or ram may be included on cartridge system has an available color palette 48 colors 6 grays up 25 simultaneous colors may be used without writing new values mid frame background color four sets three tile colors four sets three sprite colors nes palette based on ntsc rather than rgb values total 64 sprites may be displayed onscreen at given time without reloading sprites mid screen standard display resolution nes 256 horizontal pixels by 240 vertical pixels

video output connections vary between console models original hvc 001 model family computer features only radio frequency rf modulator output north american european consoles have support for composite video through rca connectors addition rf modulator hvc 101 model famicom omits rf modulator entirely has composite video output via proprietary 12 pin "multi out" connector first introduced on super famicom super nintendo entertainment system conversely north american re released nes 101 model most closely resembles original hvc 001 model famicom that it features rf modulator output only finally playchoice 10 utilizes an inverted rgb video output

the stock nes supports total five sound channels two which are pulse channels with 4 pulse width settings one triangle wave generator another noise generator often used for percussion fifth one plays low quality digital samples

the nes supports expansion chips contained certain cartridges add sound channels help with data processing developers can add these chips their games such as konami vrc6 konami vrc7 sunsoft 5b namco 163 two more by nintendo itself nintendo fds wave generator modified ricoh rp2c33 chip with single cycle wave table lookup sound support nintendo memory management controller 5 mmc5 due wiring differences between famicom nes stock nes console incapable passing through audio generated by expansion chips utilizing additional sound channels but can be modified regain this capability

the game controller used for both nes famicom features an oblong brick like design with simple four button layout two round buttons labeled "a" "b" "start" button "select" button additionally controllers utilize cross shaped joypad designed by nintendo employee gunpei yokoi for nintendo game watch systems replace bulkier joysticks on earlier gaming consoles controllers

the original model famicom features two game controllers both which are hardwired back console second controller lacks start select buttons but features small microphone relatively few games use this feature earliest produced famicom units have square b buttons this was changed circular designs because square buttons being caught controller casing when pressed down glitches within hardware causing system freeze occasionally while playing game

instead famicoms hardwired controllers nes features two custom 7 pin ports on front console support swappable potentially third party controllers controllers bundled with nes are identical include start select buttons allowing some nes versions games such as legend zelda use start button on second controller save game at any time nes controllers lack microphone which used on famicom version zelda kill certain enemies or for singing with karaoke games

a number special controllers are for use with specific games though are not commonly utilized such devices include zapper light gun rob power pad original famicom features deepened da 15 expansion port on front unit which used connect most auxiliary devices on nes these special controllers are generally connected one two control ports on front console

nintendo made two advanced controllers for nes called nes advantage nes max both controllers have turbo feature where one press button represents multiple automatic rapid presses this feature allows players shoot much faster shooter games nes advantage has two knobs that adjust firing rate turbo button from quick turbo as well as "slow" button that slows down compatible games by rapidly pausing game nes max has non adjustable turbo feature no "slow" feature has wing like handheld shape sleek directional pad turbo functionality exists on nes satellite nes four score u force other accessories include power pad power glove which featured movie wizard

near end ness lifespan upon release av famicom top loading nes 2 design game controllers was modified slightly though original button layout was retained controllers shape resembles that sness controller addition av famicom dropped hardwired controllers favor detachable controller ports controllers included with famicom av have 90 cm 3 feet long cables compared 180 cm 6 feet nes controllers

the original nes controller has become one most recognizable symbols console nintendo has mimicked look controller several other products from promotional merchandise limited edition versions game boy advance


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