HUGE LOT Original Nintendo NES System Game Original Manuals Book To Complete (382007952220)

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Value: $402.41
Price: $46.00
US Shipping: $7.95
Ends In: 1 hours
Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
1943: The Battle of Midway $12.23 X
Air Fortress $5.41 X
Barbie $7.50 X
Bases Loaded $3.95 X
Blaster Master $8.73 X
Captain Skyhawk $2.41 X
Commando $5.00 X
Deja Vu $9.79 X
Dick Tracy $5.70 X
Double Dragon $8.91 X
Double Dragon II $10.50 X
Dr. Mario $5.54 X
Dragon Power $5.66 X
Dragon Warrior $5.50 X
Excitebike $8.95 X
Fantasy Zone $17.50 X
Final Fantasy $17.86 X
Friday the 13th $7.99 X
Game Genie $17.47 X
Gauntlet $7.97 X
Gauntlet II $6.31 X
Heavy Shreddin' $4.84 X
Hoops $3.78 X
Hydlide $4.25 X
Ice Hockey $5.73 X
Immortal $9.60 X
Jaws $5.00 X
Kings of the Beach $2.99 X
Legend of Zelda $24.50 X
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out $24.97 X
Ninja Gaiden II The Dark Sword of Chaos $9.99 X
Play Action Football $1.77 X
Racket Attack $3.91 X
Romance of the Three Kingdoms $10.41 X
Sesame Street Big Bird's Hide and Speak $5.00 X
Shadowgate $6.40 X
Shinobi $11.75 X
Sky Shark $4.99 X
Star Tropics $8.00 X
Super Mario Bros $11.50 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $14.99 X
Swords and Serpents $5.99 X
Target Renegade $5.50 X
Tecmo Baseball $4.18 X
Tetris $6.00 X
The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants $8.00 X
Total Recall $4.25 X
WWF Wrestlemania $3.25 X
Xexyz $9.99 X
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sorry but we can only ship us address within 50 states unless you use ebay worldwide  no us territories no apos no exceptions

this auction for  huge lot game manuals posters paperwork  for the original nintendo nes video game system 

the manuals are  

  1. super mario bros (4 copies)
  2. super mario bros 3  (13 copies)
  3. ninja gaiden ii (3 copies)
  4. tetris (2 copies)
  5. shinobi
  6. dragon power
  7. cybernoid
  8. silent servie
  9. zelda ii advneture link 
  10. legend zelda (2 copies)
  11. barbie 
  12. play action football
  13. kid niki
  14. dr mario
  15. captain commando (2 copies)
  16. dragon warrior (2 copies)
  17. tetris
  18. sky shark
  19. super mario bros/ duck hunt/ world class track meet (2 copies)
  20. sesame street big birds hide speak
  21. base wars
  22. wrestlemania
  23. exodus ultima
  24. gauntlet
  25. tecmo baseball
  26. kings beach
  27. ice hockey
  28. shadowgate
  29. journey sirius
  30. gauntlet ii
  31. heavy shreddin
  32. daydreamin davey
  33. bases loaded ii
  34. romance three kingdoms
  35. fantasy zone
  36. robowarrior
  37. clash demonhead
  38. simpsons bart vs space mutants
  39. air fortress
  40. mike tysons punch out
  41. star tropics
  42. dick tracy
  43. a boy his blob
  44. jordan vs bird
  45. captain skyhawk
  46. double dragon
  47. jaws
  48. indy heat
  49. target renegade
  50. xexyz
  51. 1943
  52. ironsword
  53. deja vu
  54. immortal
  55. total recall
  56. t2
  57. gauntlet ii
  58. heroes lance
  59. super mario bros (2 copies)
  60. racket attack
  61. hydlide
  62. blaster master
  63. excitebike
  64. hoops
  65. double dragon ii
  66. friday 13th
  67. final fantasy
  68. swords serpents
  69. game genie code books (7 copies)
  70. zapper gun manuals (9 copies)
  71. control deck manuals (11 copies)
  72. misc posters inner paperwork

includes  manuals all other items only as (no actual games are included)

please see picture

i accept payment via paypal  as per ebay policy  

check out all my other auctions save on shipping i will try combine shipping for all multiple items

winning bidder agrees include his/her name address item number(s) auction title(s) with payment please do not email me this information

please allow 10 days after payment received to complete transaction as per ebay policy if by then you have not received your item email me let me know; i work resolve all problems that may occur so that negative feedback never necessary best luck bidding

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