Nintendo NES Console Bundle TESTED w/ Games, Controllers, Zapper, Cables - READ (323805040944)

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Value: $62.16
Price: $36.00
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Found Value
Nintendo NES Console $31.00 X
Q*bert $7.99 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $9.90 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $8.00 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $5.27 X
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Listing Description & Photos

please read full description
nintendo nes console bundle nes 001 100% authentic as is

cleaned tested working


  • nes console

  • 2 oem controllers

  • oem zapper not tested not guaranteed only works on older tube style tvs

  • rca cable mono message me if youd like an rf switch instead for older tvs

  • oem ac adapter

  • games

    • super mario bros / duck hunt

    • super mario bros 2

    • super mario bros 3

    • qbert cartidge connector worn may need insert / reinsert cartridge multiple times before it plays

please note
within these consoles 72 pin connector loosens wears out over time affecting function newer cartridges will fit more snugly while older cartridges that fit loosely may not play this can be due cartridge connector or console connector wearing out either case red light will blink when connection not stable even with working consoles & tight connections game cartridges often dont play when first inserted may need be removed reinserted with power off one or more times before operating correctly and/or cleaned with fader cleaner this normal expected with cartridge technology

this console cleaned tested working however it will need connector replacement at some point its life may not play older worn out games connector replacement quite an easy cheap repair just look on youtube

no returns thanks

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