Nintendo Entertainment System NES Top Loader 58 games (303435268483)

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Value: $465.78
Price: $152.00
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Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
1942 $10.09 X
1943: The Battle of Midway $9.03 X
Arkanoid $10.00 X
Battle of Olympus $12.00 X
Bionic Commando $9.45 X
Burgertime $11.13 X
Castlevania $20.50 X
Castlevania II Simon's Quest $9.91 X
Cobra Command $6.54 X
Commando $4.54 X
Conquest of the Crystal Palace $24.03 X
Excitebike $7.61 X
Gauntlet $8.58 X
Godzilla $13.56 X
Guerrilla War $8.60 X
Gun.Smoke $13.95 X
Heavy Shreddin' $4.83 X
Hydlide $5.33 X
Karnov $9.51 X
Kid Icarus $16.97 X
Legend of Zelda $16.05 X
Lunar Pool $3.75 X
Mappy-Land $9.98 X
Metal Gear $8.52 X
Ninja Kid $7.00 X
Operation Wolf $4.24 X
Pin-Bot $5.85 X
Pro Wrestling $7.84 X
Rambo $6.83 X
Rampage $11.47 X
Renegade $7.02 X
Rygar $8.46 X
Section Z $6.78 X
Snake's Revenge $11.45 X
Solomon's Key $10.23 X
Solstice $5.86 X
Spy Hunter $5.74 X
Star Soldier $7.68 X
Stinger $11.69 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $12.00 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $10.99 X
Target Renegade $6.41 X
The Guardian Legend $12.50 X
Tiger-Heli $3.86 X
Totally Rad $18.44 X
Trojan $5.40 X
Wizards and Warriors $8.50 X
Xevious $2.47 X
Zanac $12.61 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo entertainment system nes top loader 58 games condition used 2 new tomee dogbone controllers new power supply 2 rf cables are included shipped with usps priority mail

solstice with sleeve
godzilla w sleeve manual
snakes revenge
kid niki w sleeve
section z
tiger heli
bionic commando
heavy shreddin
conquest crystal palace
guardian legend
spy hunter w sleeve
super mario bros 3
super mario bros 2
wcw wrestling w sleeve
pro wrestling
dash galaxy
bad dude
hydlide w sleeve manual
rush n attack
castlevania 2 simons quest
ghosts goblins
battle olympus
kid icarus w sleeve manual
star soldier
zelda ll link w sleeve manual
lunar pool
gauntlet w sleeve
excite bike
gunsmoke w sleeve
solomons key
ninja kid
karnov w sleeve manual
golgo 13 w sleeve
metal gear
mappy land
operation wolf
target renegade
guerrilla war
wizards warriors 2 iron sword
cobra command
totally rad

ive had these for 10 years most were cleaned when bought random games tested fine but one or two made need cleaning some have marker on back

any questions about this lot feel free ask


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