Nintendo Entertainment System Deluxe Set ROB Robot, Gun 5 Games WORKS! COMPLETE (303238147482)

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Value: $110.29
Price: $350.00
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Ends In: 4 days
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Games Included

Found Value
Arkanoid $11.15 X
Duck Hunt $5.88 X
Gyromite $5.65 X
Mario Bros $16.74 X
Nintendo NES Console $30.00 X
ROB the Robot $34.99 X
Super Mario Bros $5.88 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo entertainment system deluxe set

rob robot gun 5 games super mario bros arkanoid gyromite duck hunt original mario bros arcade classic works original box complete

see pictures for games on tv tv not includedshown show gaming system works

note see part that was recently replaced allow system work again

72 pin connector nintendo pin replacement blinking light win purchased from arcade works

$2999 original part also included best 72 pin connector replacement do not press down games with this new part can switch out original if you want but games were not working properly until part replaced this new cartridge holder connector new holds cartridge much tighter manufacturer says it will take some time loosen up so until used more cartridges are bit tight get out

with both successful re design original nintendo console cartridge carrier slot this repair part for original nes supercedes all previous attempts repairing "72 pin connector" make your original nintendo experience so much more than what it was before blw also features no region lockout meaning that you can now sucessfully play any region original nes game with this original nes repair modification

stop stop blowing into your nes carts throwing away this piece gaming history get start "winning" over infamous "blinking original nintendo light"


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