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Value: $103.16
Price: $17.50
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Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Bases Loaded $3.49 X
Contra $22.52 X
Donkey Kong $19.99 X
Excitebike $7.43 X
Jaws $5.99 X
MTV Remote Control $3.79 X
Rad Racer $5.98 X
Robocop $5.55 X
Spot $9.00 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $10.78 X
Super Mario Bros Duck Hunt World Class Track Meet $2.72 X
Tetris 2 $5.92 X
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Listing Description & Photos

estate find

i found all this storage building tested best my ability

i will list condidtion test results inventory list see bottom page

this auction includes

1 xbox 360 controller power cord ac adapter dspn 186 cba microsoft component hd av cable xbo 1255 100

2 nintendo 64 nus 001 usa ns 277198301 power cord nus 002 99808 w6 one quest 94 came cartridge one memory card s3598 6744634

3 genesis seg mk 1631 one controller 1650 rf unit 1631 6 games 2 acclaim mortal combat 1994 judge dread 1995 4 sega virgin games c8l spot 1993 sony national hockey night 1994 joe montana 16 bit cartridge japan 16 bit gemstone cover

4 1985 nintendo nes 001 nes 003 rf switch ac adapter nes 002

and 12 games super mario bros 3 1985 original donkey kong arcade classic series robocop 1988 jaws 1987 mtv remote control 1985 tetris 2 1985 super mario bros duck hunt world class track meet 1985 rad racer 1987 bill elliot nascar challenge konami 1985 jaleco bases loaded 1985 konami contra 1985 excitebike

i also have 360 box stand on it own auction go check it out

tested condition each item

xbox 360 powers on green comes on red light just blinkseject does nothing no controllers so thats about it

nintendo 64 powers on purple ish "do not remove" sticker still there intact no controllers so quest 64 game doesnt show up on tv

gensis sega mk1631 i can not find an ac adapter fit this unti it takes small one it does have 6 games

1985 nintendo nes 001 powers on red light just blinks i held reset for several seconda power light stop blinking no controllers so i did not get video on tv includes 12 game that i was unable test

i guess im selling everything as for repair or as collectibles as stated i got all this stuff from one large plastic bin at an estate sale i actually removed it from barn it wasnt packed by sellers but rather stored like this by occupant


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