Original Nintendo Lot With A Zapper, Two Controllers, 30 Games, And Six Covers! (293141801852)

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Value: $177.58
Price: $149.99
US Shipping: $0.00
Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Alien Syndrome $11.91 X
Anticipation $3.74 X
Arch Rivals $6.43 X
Arkanoid $11.82 X
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes $26.37 X
Back to the Future $10.13 X
Bigfoot $7.38 X
Black Bass $6.55 X
Dragon Warrior $7.15 X
Family Feud $9.71 X
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom $8.57 X
Metroid $14.25 X
RC Pro-AM $5.97 X
Shinobi $10.22 X
TaleSpin $13.94 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $5.99 X
Tetris $6.50 X
Willow $10.95 X
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Listing Description & Photos

original nintendo light with gun two controllers 30 games six covers condition used has been tested ready go all games have been tested too comes with everything seen picture see pictures

— games included —

metroid tetris tetris two teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade game willow simpsons bart versus space meinz family feud simons quest with manual black bass wally bear roadrunner rc pro am tailspin arch rivals bigfoot blasted master indiana jones temple doom dragon warrior jars attack killer tomatoes back future shinobi anticipation clocks alien syndrome faxanady arkanoid arkistas king demonhead with manuel


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