44 Nintendo NES Games! Rare! Wizardry 2, Flintstones, Punisher, Wurm, Simpsons! (293003600646)

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Value: $306.69
Price: $249.99
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Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Addams Family $12.07 X
After Burner $8.00 X
Chessmaster $3.45 X
Dick Tracy $6.84 X
Double Dragon $11.29 X
Double Dragon II $10.87 X
Double Dragon III $14.77 X
Double Dribble $4.36 X
Duck Hunt $13.12 X
Flintstones The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy $16.27 X
Lunar Pool $3.75 X
NFL Football $2.98 X
Paperboy $9.72 X
Pin-Bot $4.07 X
RC Pro-AM $5.91 X
Rampart $12.11 X
Section Z $6.26 X
Sky Shark $3.99 X
Slalom $7.45 X
Smash TV $9.95 X
Strider $9.23 X
Super Glove Ball $5.48 X
Super Mario Bros $8.50 X
Tecmo Bowl $7.86 X
Tecmo World Wrestling $6.39 X
Tennis $5.12 X
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends $11.28 X
The Guardian Legend $14.69 X
The Punisher $15.00 X
The Simpsons Bart vs the World $6.99 X
Vegas Dream $3.00 X
Wayne Gretzky Hockey $5.93 X
Wizards and Warriors $7.37 X
World Class Track Meet $5.23 X
Wurm Journey to the Center of the Earth $19.99 X
Yoshi $7.40 X
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Listing Description & Photos

up for auction wonderful lot nes games which some are pretty valuable games have been tested seem work without any issue atleast when i tried them on mine games are variety conditions check pictures i have provided list gamesbelow all games you will get which all are included thepicture it has been tested does work great if you are international you must pay shipping full happybidding good luck

loose nes games

the flintstones rescue dino hoppy
wizardry 2
the punisher
wurm journey center earth
simpsons meets radioactive man
simpsons bart vs world
after burner
gun smoke blue shooter front
double dragon
double dragon 2
double dragon 3
tecmo bowl
ghosts goblins
smash tv
guardian legend
sky shark
section z
rush attack
super mario bros/ duck hunt/ world class track meet
rocky bullwinkle
the addams family
cyber wars base wars
tecmo world wrestling
wayne gretzky hockey
wizards warriors
super glove ball
vegas dream
rc pro am
dick tracy
double dribble
nfl football
jordan vs bird
lunar pool


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