Original Box /Foam Nintendo Action Set NES Console System HUGE Package LOT Zelda (283339483127)

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Value: $110.24
Price: $999.99
US Shipping: $19.95
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Games Included

Found Value
Cleaning Kit $6.07 X
Duck Hunt $6.55 X
Legend of Zelda $16.11 X
NES Four Score $18.40 X
NES Max Controller $11.53 X
Nintendo NES Console $26.19 X
Super Mario Bros $10.66 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $6.93 X
Yoshi's Cookie $7.80 X
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Listing Description & Photos

current work situation puts me need extra cash right now i will be selling many personal items some i was not planning too but will make the sacrifice for now please look at out other items for next couple weeks thank you
nice original nintendo nes action set complete
features 20 games accessories multiple controllers
huge instant nintendo nes collection
  • original box with styrofam insert instructions
  • nes console working very good condition
  • 2 original controllers both pieces tested working
  • original nintendo cables both pieces tested working
  • original red/ yellow av cables working nice picture
  • original game super mario bros/ duck hunt manual
  • game system set up poster warranty sheet manuals
  • also included several extra games accessories
i have been collector many things for many years now video games all kind huge atari collection but im little slower let go some those things but will start do so little at time anyway these are some my personal items please read more below about exactly what included condition please look at pictures carefully 1st picture full spread every item that will be included you may request additional pictures please be specific thank you

everything very good gently used condition nes console serial number n20522135 this original release "action set" package it comes with orange zapper gun console all original "action set" parts are very clean come with original packaging box shows little handling wear but solid with no water damage still looks great all way around there small rip by opened end but there no tape on box at all 2 piece styrofoam insert good shape overall everything fits place just as when new instruction manual included as shown as well as warranty papers some other manuals system connects your tvs cable or antenna input with rf switch adapter or you can use red/ yellow av cables so this should work fine on any tv please note zapper gun will only work on older tube type tvs crt style

the system was fully tested i played 2 player mode super mario bros test out controllers console ports there are 20 total games included some come with manuals few are complete box there are several game sleeves 2 zelda games have been stored clear nintendo cases each game was tested working or was played there are couple nice accessories additional controllers included official nintendo players guide complete with all pages as far as i know i got this used after i purchase system there 1 nintendo power magazine included that features full fold out map for nes open game included more details below

the original super mario bros/ duct hunt game with manual nintendo sleeve included along with other 2 series so all 3 super marios each game has its manual 3 tmnt turtles games are all included turtles has manual turtles ii arcade comes box no manual turtles 3 manhattan cartridge only both zelda games are included both are gold carts zelda ii has manual they come clear nintendo cases yoshis cookie nes open bunch more games are included all games are working some were played all can be seen picture number 10 above gallery again this 20 total games instant collection

accessories additional controllers there nintendo cleaning kit think i used this once there still plenty cleaning fluid container comes original package "nes advantage" controller included with manual very good shape i did not test or use this just wanted add it nes max controller comes with manual fully tested working "nes four score" 4 player adapter included not recently tested but was played past with football game that included "nes satellite" 4 player wireless accessory included with sensor piece also i never used this but wanted have it also note there were batteries left it when i got it as result it may not work properly i cleaned it out other than that it looks great cosmetically has battery cover on bottom now im tired
please enjoy thank you for reading

please ask if you have any questions thanks
this collection will be packed well shipped with pride please enjoy
please look at many pictures above gallery
we ship items very quickly upon receiving payment confirmation thank you

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