Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set Console - Gray (274120466251)

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Value: $98.41
Price: $125.00
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Found Value
BreakThru $6.64 X
Duck Hunt $6.10 X
Legend of Zelda $16.99 X
Nintendo NES Console $34.17 X
Rampage $12.49 X
Thunderbirds $10.55 X
Zapper Light Gun $11.47 X
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Listing Description & Photos

originalnes nintendo system console with 21 games new 72 pin connector

this wasmy nintendo growing up it has been sitting box closet for manyyears console includes original ac power adapter as well as brandnew universal adapter still package that i just purchased system alsoincludes new rca cables

it has twooriginal controllers i cleaned both but one them does not work onethat works i replaced rubber pieces on inside it works like new ihave also included two new aftermarket controllers that have not been opened that irecently purchased on amazon it includes original nintendo zapper gunfrom what ive read this will not work on newer tvs it didnt work on my flatscreen it makes sound that it firing when i pull trigger but itwouldnt shoot ducks on duck hunt

i replacedthe 72 pin connector which part on inside console that readsthe games cartridges i took each game apart polished their connectionseach game works perfect couple them i had take out push back inbut they worked on second try

i cleanedthe outside console but it doesnt look greatest outside alittle discolored my brother had put stickers on it which i removed so youcan still see where stickers were games have nintendo caring casemany them also have plastic protective sleeves i also have some instructionbooklets for games

ships uspspriority mail

the gamesinclude

thelegend kage

thekarate kid




thelegend zelda


skateor die



thelast ninja

supermario bros/duckhunt

supermario bros 2

supermarion bros 3



thegoonies 2


topgun second mission


rcpro am


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