Nintendo Entertainment System Deluxe Gray Console & other Original Accessories (273851955444)

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Found Value
Baseball $3.43 X
Bases Loaded $2.74 X
Duck Hunt $6.50 X
Family Fun Fitness Stadium Events $10100.00 X
Nintendo NES Console $31.00 X
Pinball $7.04 X
Power Pad $12.57 X
Super Mario Bros $9.45 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $9.90 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $8.00 X
Super Mario Bros Duck Hunt World Class Track Meet $4.35 X
Widget $42.95 X
Wild Gunman $16.99 X
World Class Track Meet $3.56 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo entertainment system
official nintendo entertainment system logo
family computer logo
nintendo entertainment system with controller
nintendo family computer
top nes control deck with controller
bottom family computer "famicom" main unit
also known asfamily computer/famicom japan
hyundai comboy korea
typehome video game console
generationthird generation
release date
lifespan1983 2003 2
introductory price¥14 800 japan
$179 us deluxe set 3
units soldworldwide 6191 million
japan 1935 million
americas 3400 million
other 856 million 7
mediarom cartridge "game pak" b ›
cpuricoh 2a03 8 bit processor mos technology 6502 core
controller input2 controller portsc ›
1 expansion slot
best selling game
predecessorcolor tv game
successorsuper nintendo entertainment system
related articlesfamicom disk system famicom 3d system

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nes zapper original gray

the nes zapper also known as the gun or beam gun japan 1 an electronic light gun accessory for nintendo entertainment system nes japanese famicom it was released japan for famicom on february 18 1984 alongside launch nes north america october 1985

the zapper allows players aim at television set display "shoot" various objects that appear on screen such as ducks clay pigeons targets cowboys criminals or other objectives zapper used on supported nes games such as duck hunt wild gunman zapper could also be used on title screens games move cursor—done by pointing device away from screen pulling trigger—or starting game pointing at screen pulling trigger

power pad

jump navigationjump search
the power pad side a

the power pad known japan as family trainer europe briefly united states as family fun fitness floor mat game controller for nintendo entertainment system it gray mat with twelve pressure sensors embedded between two layers flexible plastic it was originally developed by bandai

bandai first released accessory 1986 as family trainer pack for famicom japan later released united states nintendo released it 1988 as power pad 1 along with game world class track meet which was rebranding an earlier game

the super mario bros / duck hunt / world class track meet classic compilation video game packaged for nintendo choose play either mario or his brother luigi save princess toadstool from cruel king bowser you will have cross several levels dodge through obstacles earn points fight king final level this nintendo game you will be provided with fire flowers mushrooms increase your power size shoot ducks test your aiming skills duck hunt game this compilation video game which features two gaming modes be played using light zapper gun participate 100 meter dash long jump other sports world class track meet featured this nintendo game with variety games super mario bros / duck hunt / world class track meet will totally keep you engrossed for hours

p nespng
north american cover art
developer s nintendo research development 1
publisher s nintendo
programmer s
platform s arcade nintendo entertainment system
  • ww 1984
  • jp february 2 1984
  • na october 18 1985
  • eu september 1 1986
famicom disk system
  • jp may 30 1989
genre s pinball
mode s single player multiplayer
arcade systemnintendo vs system
bases loaded
nes <span class=found>bases loaded</span> cover artjpg
north american nes cover art
developer s jaleco
tose nes version
publisher s jaleco 1
designer s nobukazu ota nes version
programmer s tetsuji tanaka nes version
composer s kouji murata akihito hayashi nes version
platform s arcade nes game boy
  • jp june 26 1987
  • na july 1988
game boy
  • na july 1990
genre s sports baseball
mode s single player multiplayer

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all used working items

all items are fully functional great condition there own wear tear please view all pictures thoroughly feel free point out any or all opinions/questions before bidding note this as bidding no return sale we do not care for your money choice your business far morley appreciation we understand building trust our future worth

our expertise fair exchange business

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