HUGE 61 NES Nintendo carts video games collection lot w/ 14 manuals Bad Dudes (273800384717)

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Value: $377.86
Price: $232.50
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Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $7.24 X
Air Fortress $5.67 X
Alpha Mission $9.04 X
Astyanax $4.99 X
Bad Dudes $5.78 X
Barker Bill's Trick Shooting $6.30 X
Blades of Steel $4.59 X
Blaster Master $7.54 X
BreakThru $6.39 X
Cobra Command $6.03 X
Cobra Triangle $6.37 X
Defender II $4.67 X
Defender of the Crown $7.29 X
Demon Sword $6.37 X
Dig Dug II: Trouble in Paradise $7.75 X
Duck Hunt $5.75 X
Faxanadu $7.06 X
Fester's Quest $4.93 X
Gyruss $8.55 X
Hogan's Alley $6.98 X
Ikari Warriors II $9.07 X
Iron Tank $8.53 X
Jaws $7.14 X
Kid Niki Radical Ninja $8.50 X
Legend of Kage $6.49 X
Legendary Wings $10.63 X
Low G Man $8.39 X
Millipede $5.17 X
Mission Impossible $5.34 X
NARC $6.15 X
Operation Wolf $4.57 X
Pin-Bot $4.10 X
Platoon $3.50 X
Q*bert $7.33 X
RC Pro-AM $4.83 X
Raid on Bungeling Bay $7.45 X
Rambo $6.68 X
Rescue the Embassy Mission $6.69 X
Rygar $9.47 X
Section Z $6.32 X
Seicross $5.52 X
Shooting Range $8.79 X
Skate or Die 2 $6.57 X
Snake Rattle n Roll $7.26 X
Solar Jetman $6.10 X
Solstice $5.52 X
Star Soldier $7.45 X
Target Renegade $5.99 X
The Karate Kid $5.48 X
The Mafat Conspiracy $8.87 X
Tiger-Heli $4.32 X
Time Lord $6.13 X
To the Earth $3.28 X
Track and Field II $2.95 X
Who Framed Roger Rabbit $7.19 X
Wizards and Warriors $6.34 X
Wrath of the Black Manta $4.86 X
Xenophobe $5.50 X
Yoshi's Cookie $4.10 X
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Listing Description & Photos

hello im cleaning out my collection very old junk items that i never care much as i used anymore please check out my other items on sale thanks for looking

here you are viewing

huge 61 nes nintendo carts video games collection lot w/ 14 manuals conditions all used shipped with usps priority mail

i have been collecting nes games for 15 years it used be huge part my life growing up but now im happier letting go so many nes games i never care much for as i used anymore lack time space now those days blaster master does have bad front label rip part front label have been removed rc pro am manual narc manual both are very heavy damaged only four carts does have damaged back labels handful others does have old stickers most them are on back carts some marker writings i do not have time remove all them off busy life happens not all carts are same conditions some will looks great for their age many will look good fair with actual wear tear but could have been worse same thing with manuals

all nes game carts this lot all will be sold as it i will not test them make sure theyre still working after all those years fun playing collecting video games growing up they all do work after i bought them years ago all them was tested long time ago but not all are completely cleaned no returns please sold as do not have time clean test everything make sure some games will need be cleaned work better i noticed this why im willing let all 61 carts go at starting low price $9999 thats almost $164 each cart yay my loss your gain

heres huge list all 61 nes gaming carts

adventures magic kingdom

air fortress

alpha mission


barker bills trick shooting w/ manual

bad dudes

blades steel w/ manual

blaster master


cobra command

cobra triangle w/ manual

defender crown

defender 2

demon sword

dig dug 2

duck hunt w/ manual


festers quest w/ manual


hogans alley

ikari warriors 2 victory road

iron sword wizards warriors w/manual poster

iron tank


karate kid w/ manual

kid niki radical ninja

legendary wings

legend kage

low g man

mafat conspiracy


mission impossible

operation wolf

pin bot



raid on bungeling bay


rc pro am w/ manual

rescue embassy mission w/ manual

rollergames w/ manual


section z


shooting range

skate or die 2

snake rattle n roll

solar jetman


star soldier

target renegade

track field ii

tiger heli

time lord

top secret episode golgo 13 w/ manual

to earth

who framed roger rabbit

wizards warriors w/ manual

wrath black manta w/manual


yoshis cookie

note narc game not included but damaged ex rental narc manual
included this lot


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