Nintendo NES Bundle 7 games *New 72 pin *Lockout Disabled *New Capacitors (264413844019)

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Value: $101.55
Price: $120.00
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Games Included

Found Value
Donkey Kong [5 Screw] $29.53 X
Duck Hunt $5.88 X
Duck Hunt [5 Screw] $6.66 X
Gyromite [5 Screw] $5.57 X
Nintendo NES Console $30.00 X
Platoon $3.99 X
Sky Shark $5.81 X
Super Mario Bros $5.88 X
Top Gun $4.98 X
Vegas Dream $3.25 X
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Listing Description & Photos

replaced all electrolytic capacitors including ones rf module disabled lockout chip for added stability replaced 72 pin connector cleaned all games with magic rub eraser ready for another 20 years

comes with nes system oem controller aftermarket power supply rf adapter y cable for mono sound stereo

the games are great shape very nice labels games included are

duck hunt 5 screw
donkey kong 5 screw
gyromite 5 screw
sky shark w/ manual
super mario bros/ duck hunt
top gun
vegas dream

attention new 72 pin connectors will be finicky until they are broken they work best with game half way pushed down so you may need shim it with some cardboard until it breaks it will work all way up pushed all way down but you may have fiddle with it half way best until break also it important clean your games thoroughly new connector can be ruined quickly with dirty games i have cleaned all included games well there no need worry about sticking them in

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