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Games Included

Found Value
Blackjack $43.81 X
Caesar's Palace $6.18 X
Captain Skyhawk $2.80 X
Duck Hunt $13.12 X
Golf $4.69 X
Ice Hockey $4.61 X
Kung Fu $6.13 X
Kung Fu Heroes $5.82 X
MUSCLE $10.95 X
Nintendo NES Classic Edition $40.50 X
Nintendo NES Console $33.17 X
Operation Wolf $5.24 X
Pro Wrestling $6.16 X
Silent Service $4.81 X
Super Mario Bros $8.50 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $3.69 X
Tag Team Wrestling $2.21 X
To the Earth $4.19 X
WCW World Championship Wrestling $7.58 X
Wheel of Fortune $4.62 X
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Listing Description & Photos

original untested lot 9 nes games condition used shipped with usps priority mail

ice hockey try your skills four on four hockey with nintendo ice hockey while it follows most rules conventional ice hockey nes version opens up rink with only four skaters goalie on each team instead usual five skaters this also makes it run much faster on nes console gives you more space on ice make plays score goals its especially fun if you happen have someone control second teamlike real sport teams switch ends after each period there an option for fourth period sudden death overtime followed by shootout if necessary you build your team from mix light medium heavy skaters then play from top down view other features include real ice hockey calls like icing power plays stage games against computer or beat your friends your own hockey league youll love organizing your own 8 bit nintendo version nhlbuilding on 1981 atari game nes put more players on ice than any other 8 bit title programmers added ton charm game too an animation stadium personnel cleaning surface plays whenever theres break action middle games if player fights with another player for puck then everyone else will join just like real life if stick infraction occurs such as tripping or slashing then player sent off penalty box having ability select different players adds layer strategy when starting new games means no two games are ever samethe first man who puts on blades extremely fast good at face offs he has lower rating when it comes defense second man skate more balanced third heavyweight who slow but can knock anyone else down youll have decide which skaters start each round hockey you play search for perfect teammates put puck goal big part funthere are few interesting regional differences different versions nintendo ice hockey team roster lineups all versions game feature same players they also both include usa czechoslovakia canada poland ussr as selectable countries play as or against however pal north american versions ice hockey game include sweden as sixth country original japanese famicom game included japan just like real sport this video game declares whoever has highest score winner

silent service silent service you take on role submarine captain who must complete objectives ranging from seek destroy reconnaissance brought you by ultra konami this sub simulation game packs several missions that will test your wits speed timing their fullest potential your missions will be judged on accuracy time completed if objectives each one have been done you will be assigned rank according your skill on each mission

during your missions you will have access several different parts sub maps short long range territory can be viewed periscope can be extended for tactical situations you can even get view your officer his equipment around ship you also have different weapons tools at your disposal torpedoes are ready for disposing enemy flack provides camouflage from enemy plus several radars for detecting battleships other subs keep your nerves wits check be ready for anything

pro wrestling if you are longing for old school feel look 1980s home video systems you may need look no further than nintendo "pro wrestling" nintendo entertainment systems popular game launched 1986 was third wrestling game on nes following “muscle” “tag team wrestling” each character game “pro wrestling” has same two basic moves spinning kick which knocks opponents down instantly punch that equally strong once wrestler gets his opponent ground smashing heads bodies ensues all six classic wrestlers this game are vying for vwa champions belt final “a winner you” phrase declaring new champion who ready move on face his next foe nes “pro wrestling” game was named computer gaming worlds best sports game 1988 for nintendo its hard pick favorite from classic cast fighters which includes hayabusa starman koreas kin corn karn giant panther amazon king slender great puma youll begin match by choosing wrestler an opponent who either computer or friend with flick wrist you can perform drop kicks body slams headlocks dozens other bone crunching moves designed defeat opponent starman has long been considered games most fan friendly popular wrestler taking on hero role ring reminding many some famous wrestlers from mexico starman gets crowd revved up using classic somersault kick just one notch below starman popularity masked wrestler amazon who uses moves like “outlaw choke” “piranha bite” continually get upper hand giant panther blonde haired warrior taking fictional role hulk hogan his moves are described as “basic yet powerful” hulk hogan considered by many as greatest wrestler all time once even appearing on cover sports illustrated hogan popularized wrestling mainstream audience mid 1980s early 1990s as part world wrestling federation wwf which later became wwe 1990s hogan starred world championship wrestling wcw where he often performed as villainous new world order leader "hollywood" hulk hogan nes can be considered best selling gaming console its time helped revitalize united states video game industry following video game crash 1983 nes classic edition comes with an hdmi cable an ac adapter one nes classic controller you can add pro wrestling game your collection for some classic gameplay fun

duck hunt super mario bros duck hunt are among classic iconic nintendo entertainment system video games that served as catalyst for billion dollar industry super mario bros started what became one most successful titles video games while duck hunt on other hand gained more attention after it was packed with super mario bros title super mario bros/duck hunt combo provide hours fun nostalgia still addictive gameplay these titles came at time when playing video games was easy intuitive were wholesome enough for whole family enjoy

caesars palace welcome caesars palace video game casino place where you can gamble until your hearts content without losing dime after paying visit cashier you can tour building play any five different casino games

video poker lets you select from $1 $5 $25 $100 poker machines you will be given five cards you can replace some or all them as you see fit for successful outcome you must have winning hand such as straight or royal flush you can gamble up five coins

in slot machines there are two types three reel machines one displaying fruit one displaying sevens cherries one type four reel called fountains fortune three reel machines allow up three payout lines depending on how many coins you bet while four reel pays out center line only

just like real card game object video blackjack get as close as possible 21 without going over also point value your cards must exceed that dealers if you go over 21 you will go "bust" automatically lose computer acts as dealer you can take as many hits additional cards as you like you can also split pairs double down buy insurance if dealers face up card an ace

at big six money wheel which also known as wheel fortune or pari mutuel wheel you will place chips on one series boxes that correspond numbers on wheel if wheel stops on your number you win higher odds bigger payoff

roulette also features wheel but this wheel has 38 positions containing numbers 1 36 half light half dark as well as 0 00 with each spin wheel there are several ways for player bet such as single rows rows numbers adjacent numbers single numbers odd or even numbers light or dark numbers you may place up eight bets one turn there are two roulette tables casino when playing big six money wheel roulette or blackjack you will have access chip tray make your bets make your own change

operation wolf welcome operation wolf arcade hit military shooter where you have been ordered rescue prisoners held hostage south america you go alone or with friend topple terrorist regime bring out hostages alive welcome arcade hit operation wolf fight your way behind enemy lines this first person shooter grab friend double your firepower begin levels with varying degrees ammunition but dont worry ammo abundant ready for you pick up but dont shoot prisoners or youll be sorry

captain skyhawk aliens have invaded earth their mission destroy us all building four land bases remotest corners globe bases designed drain our energy feed it their space station within few days our complete energy sources will depleted then they will vaporize earth with deadly laser blast you are only one standing their way

you must fight these invaders but how can you fight effectively against large alien invading force for years our scientists have been working on special fighter jet f 14vts equipped with spy satellite viewer that lets you see your plane as you fly it you will be force be reconed with its also loaded with firepower but you can get more at your space station

unfortunatly no one said it would be easy these evil aliens will attack you with everything theyve got from conventional planes tanks amazing alien weaponry you will have be ready for anything prepare for ultimate battle with alien forces free world from complete annhilation

golf hit links your living room with golf for nes consisting an 18 hole course horizontal swing meter game lets you choose your clubs change your stance select angle impact for straight slice hook shots control power your swings

when hitting ball your viewpoint from behind player otherwise your perspective from above course wind conditions affect standard hits while turf conditions affect roll putts hazards along fairways include water woods out bounds areas if ball does go out bounds you are penalized two strokes

golf offers three modes play 1 player stroke game 2 player stroke game 2 player match game match games are played nine holes out nine holes for total 18 all

kung fu heros upon returning their homeland after weeks martial arts training good friends kung fu masters jacky lee find land shadow gloom inhabitants sorrow

while they were out on their training session monsters had invaded their land kidnapping princess min min stealing lands ten treasures hiding ten treasures throughout eight castles holding princess min min furthest them these monsters are force too terrible for any citizens take on

the citizens plead with jacky lee rescue princess min min retrieve treasures so that happiness may be restored land thus friends begin their quest enter first eight perilous castles from an overhead perspective jacky lee will have trek through each castle each which contains four danger filled one screen rooms while fending off attacks large variety foes

bazooka firing soldiers trying get their sights on them coffin men that will shut them hold them for their pals slithering snakes soldiers number varieties very large invulnerable bison commandos among many others are waiting for our kung fu heroes only after theyve destroyed set amount these foes may they progress next room castle

however as jacky lee are both masters kung fu they get utilize their skills here take out an enemy with either powerful kung fu punch or flying moon sault kick smashing them bits process addition each room they enter filled with boxes blocks stones which can be punched or destroyed yielding power ups items weapons sometimes secret rooms leading higher room or bonus level

just few items they can collect aid them their battle include swords take out members otherwise invulnerable dragon clan money bags six which may be exchanged for power up e balls that will net an extra life candles see hidden traps scrolls that help defeat certain enemies

while busting blocks fending off foes jacky lee will also have avoid plethora traps including open wells sharp snapping metal traps fireballs bolts lighting much more one player mode allows first player play as jacky while two player mode lets second player join as kung fu pal lee

like any red blooded hero kung fu variety youve got your life threatening mission complete you might not make it out alive odds are you probably wont get anything more than meal at princess house for your trouble but youre hero by gum so get it


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