Complete NES Nintendo Entertainment System Gray Console Mario Bros 1 2 3 Zapper (202815939335)

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Value: $77.87
Price: $165.00
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Duck Hunt $8.99 X
Nintendo NES Console $37.00 X
Super Mario Bros $9.84 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $11.87 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $10.17 X
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Listing Description & Photos

up for sale this refurbished original nintendo entertainment system nes console set

this sale includes following items

1 one refurbished nes console

2 two cleaned oem controllers

3 one oem gray zapper gun only works on old tube televisions with glass screen not led or plasma ones

4 one oem power supply

5 one oem rf coaxial switch

6 game super mario brothers 1/duck hunt combo

7 game super mario brothers 2

8 game super mario brothers 3

the nes has been completely torn down thoroughly cleaned top case has been clear coated with two layers matte clear help keep it looking great for years come

the original 72 pin connector has been rebuilt hand cleaned i tightened up pins so that it plays cleaned game cartridges pressed down seat without any issues on first try

the board an ntsc us/canada one but i did disable lockout chip so it doesnt flash red light can play other region game cartridges

this console really nice shape as shown photos bottom removable cover has had one its retaining arms repaired glued back on

the three games have all been thoroughly cleaned their board pins were all polished

please refer photos as well as they complement written description

as with all my retro gaming items this will be packed with care brand new sturdy box with plenty packing materials

free shipping only applicable buyers within contiguous 48 states it will either be shipped using usps priority mail or fedex home delivery at my discretion

thanks for looking



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