NES Nintendo System + 2 Controller + 5 Games Mario Brothers (192891659585)

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Value: $53.01
Price: $59.97
US Shipping: $17.00
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Games Included

Found Value
Double Dribble $4.26 X
Fester's Quest $4.04 X
Nintendo NES Console $31.00 X
Rad Racer $5.18 X
Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt $5.27 X
Track and Field II $3.26 X
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Listing Description & Photos

you are buying nes nintendo system

1 used nes system
system has been tooken apart cleaned
& fixed
works like new again
this system has been painted metallic purple
it has sticker cinderallia on it
has 2 small chips paint job

2 brand new controller 3rd party
1 brand new ac cord
1 brand new av cord

5 games

all games have been tooken apart cleaned
& tested working good

1 super mario brothers duck hunt
game good shape
label good shape
comes with sleeve

2 festers quest
game little bubblie
label good shape

3 rad racer
game good shape
label good shape

4 double dribble
game good shape
label good shape

5 track field 2
game good shape
label good shape

14 day guarantee on system only
that when you get this it will work
guarantee will not be accepted if
warring label removed from game system
i will fix this system send it back you
99% are systems work when you get it
sometimes shipping does something them
guarantee does not cover just because you decided
you just dont want it

please pay my paypal w/ 4 days
thanks for looking

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