Nintendo NES Console and Game Lot of 49 (174231109752)

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Value: $343.87
Price: $142.50
US Shipping: $20.00
Ends In: Closed
Listing Type: Auction
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Games Included

Found Value
Adventure Island $9.99 X
Airwolf $3.21 X
Bad Dudes $6.48 X
Double Dragon $9.99 X
Dr. Mario $6.67 X
Dragon Warrior $7.97 X
Duck Hunt $8.98 X
Gauntlet II $8.23 X
Ghostbusters $9.58 X
Hoops $3.28 X
Kung Fu $6.91 X
Legend of Zelda $17.53 X
Mach Rider $6.85 X
Metroid $15.37 X
Mission Impossible $5.00 X
Monopoly $5.67 X
Nintendo NES Console $28.21 X
Paperboy $11.73 X
Platoon $5.00 X
Punch-Out $11.42 X
Rad Racer $6.55 X
Section Z $7.62 X
Skate or Die $5.45 X
Smash TV $10.70 X
Star Tropics $12.29 X
Super Mario Bros $9.12 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $15.15 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $12.99 X
Tecmo Bowl $7.99 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $6.18 X
Tetris $9.05 X
The Simpsons Bart vs the World $10.06 X
The Untouchables $15.08 X
Top Gun $5.20 X
WWF Wrestlemania $4.16 X
Wheel of Fortune $2.20 X
Winter Games $5.68 X
Yo Noid $10.33 X
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Listing Description & Photos

this lot includes one nes console one controller all hookups 49 games everything has been tested works i have listed game titles below if you have any questions please ask thank you


simons quest
dr mario
mission impossible
dragon warrior
kung fu
bad dudes
smash tv
teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade game
legend zelda
adventures link
mickey mouscapade
mach rider
winter games
adventure island
yo noid
mario/track meet/duck hunt
simpsons bart vs world
super mario 2
super mario 3
road warrior
top gun
skate or die
star tropics
section z
t c surf designs
superspike v ball
wheel fortune
super mario/duck hunt
double dragon
gauntlet ii
tecmo bowl
rad racer

please pay within 48 hours auction ending or contact me if you need more time pay

only ship 48 contiguous states

please contact me prior leaving anything less than positive feedback or less than 5 stars on seller dashboard if you are not happy with your purchase i will work with you till problem resolved thank you


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