Original NES Console with 25 Games 4 Controllers- Mario Bros 1,2,3 Donk Kong JR (163902329644)

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Value: $249.06
Price: $236.65
US Shipping: $14.91
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Games Included

Found Value
1942 $11.02 X
8 Eyes $8.10 X
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $8.00 X
Castlevania $18.92 X
Cybernoid The Fighting Machine $4.30 X
Demon Sword $4.97 X
Donkey Kong Jr $14.33 X
Duck Hunt $6.24 X
Final Fantasy $16.52 X
Galaga: Demons of Death $8.75 X
Ghostbusters $8.93 X
Golf $3.28 X
Hunt for Red October $5.37 X
Image Fight $12.73 X
Jackal $9.18 X
Jaws $8.25 X
Jordan vs Bird One on One $3.95 X
Karate Champ $4.53 X
Kung Fu $4.93 X
Magmax $4.94 X
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out $16.50 X
Nintendo NES Console $37.55 X
Pin-Bot $5.00 X
Silent Service $4.86 X
Smash TV $9.13 X
Super Mario Bros $8.78 X
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Listing Description & Photos

original nintendo nes console w/all cables
4 controllers 3 original 1 nes max nintendo
25 cartridges 14 with sleeves
original "the nintendo game plan" poster
3 "were changing face home entertainment" insert pamphlets

super mario bros 1 5 screws 2 3 demon sword
donkey kong jr 3 screws pinbot
mike tysons punch out hunt for red october
image fight by irem disney adventures magic kingdom
1942 by capcom cybernoid fighting machine
smash tv ghostbusters
8 eyes by taxan nes be usa golf
galaga by bandai jordan vs bird one on one by milton bradley
silent service by ultra games kung fu
jaws by ljn 1987 karate champ
t&c surf designs 5152 magmax by fci
jackal by konami

about this product

product information
you can feel distinctive touch its two rectangular controllers red buttons have fun with systems nes zapper not included kick back while you use them play “duck hunt” “super mario brosconsole features loading cartridge front has 2kb on board ram which can be expanded with game cartridge with color palette 48 colors six grays display resolution 256 x 240 pixels you can enjoy old school style while playing your favorite classics if youre not hands on type then nintendo consoles can also make great vintage display items you might not be able keep your nes games tucked away for long though all cords are long which can help if youre using this nes video game console with modern television this system weighs 5 pounds measures 14 inches by 12 inches you can find plenty components make your nes work with different configurations if you need connect your nintendo flat screen tv that doesnt have any composite jacks then simple hdmi adapter will work famicom games adapter will enable you play games this type you can even play classic japanese nintendo games on your nes without requiring super nintendo some nintendo games like “final fantasy” “castlevania”” feature save function mini battery these games enables players save their progress just like they did back 1980s playing on nintendo entertainment system can be nostalgic experience for some gamers who were too young remember nes when it first came out can still enjoy playing it whether its “super mario” you cant wait play or some other game this nintendo system can provide hours entertainment each day

product identifiers
mpnnes acmh us
modelnes original
ebay product id epid 101841580

product key features
a/v output s composite rca
platformnintendo nes
resolutionunder 480p
manufacturer colorgray

additional product features
product namenintendo entertainment system
power source typespower supply
console colorgray
product linenintendo entertainment system
release date1985
region codentsc
editionaction set

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