Nintendo NES Pre Deluxe ROB the Robot Set 1985 Video Game System Complete in Box (143547656046)

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Value: $131.66
Price: $554.72
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Games Included

Found Value
Duck Hunt $8.98 X
Gyromite $5.36 X
Nintendo NES Console $32.48 X
ROB the Robot $73.51 X
Zapper Light Gun $11.33 X
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Listing Description & Photos

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nintendo nes pre deluxe rob robot set 1985 video game system complete box

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nintendo nes pre deluxe rob robot set 1985 console video game system complete box

this system was originally sold during christmas 1985 from either new york city or los angeles as part nintendo entertainment system sales marketing test great story video game historical significance which you can find online an honest original working pre deluxe system with some box wear

includes following items shown listing pictures

the nes game console system

  • nintendo entertainment system nes video game console model nes 001 perfectly&160;clean gray fully tested working with original 72 pin adapter this high serial number console did not originate with this system
  • two original nintendo nes wired video game controllers model nes 004 clean &38; tested
  • original gray color nintendo zapper light gun controller nes 005 clean &38; tested zapper not compatible with 4k lcd led or plasma tv
  • original nintendo nes oem power supply adapter model nes 002 clean &38; tested
  • original nintendo oem tv/game rf switchbox clean &38; tested
  • original long plug red/yellow audio video cables
  • original rf coax adapter vhf matching transformer new sealed inside original poly bag

the video games

  • gyromite nintendo nes video game 5 screw version game cart clean &38; tested
  • duck hunt nintendo nes video game 5 screw version game cart clean &38; tested

the rob robot

  • original rob robot operating buddy wireless video game controller rob moves all directions opens closes his arms battery tray clean includes original battery tray cover
  • two original rob claw hands left right
  • two original rob gyros clean smooth turning
  • original rob gyro spinner clean battery tray with cover tested
  • original rob red/blue controller holder attachment
  • original rob black rail gyro support attachment
  • original rob light visor filter included already attached rob

the original documents

  • original 36 page system installation instruction manual clean unworn
  • original large format video game fold out poster
  • original nintendo quality seal notice

the pre deluxe system box

  • the 1985 test market system box lacks words deluxe set on box front this pre deluxe set 1985 test market version system box very rare sound condition with all flaps no stains water damage handwriting or serious problems tape removal wear most noticeable at front right plastic carry handle missing
  • both system box styro trays are included clean unworn

  • actual product shown listing picture s
  • product has been cleaned tested inspected
  • question prompt helpful communications
  • fast next business day order fulfillment
  • combined order shipping discount
  • sku sd583367779
  • brand nintendo
  • model nes original
  • condition used
  • notes clean fully tested complete system box
  • mpn nes 001
  • platform nintendo nes
  • type home console
  • region code ntsc u/c us/canada
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