Nintendo Entertainment System NES Console Bundle Collection CIB. 125 games +More (143298801262)

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Value: $863.48
Price: $1619.00
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Games Included

Found Value
10-Yard Fight $4.05 X
3D WorldRunner $6.12 X
Adventure Island $8.52 X
Adventure Island II $16.99 X
Adventures of Bayou Billy $4.29 X
Adventures of Dino Riki $6.95 X
Air Fortress $5.97 X
Al Unser Turbo Racing $4.73 X
Amagon $6.46 X
American Gladiators $6.15 X
Anticipation $3.74 X
Arkanoid $11.82 X
Back to the Future II and III $11.00 X
Baseball $4.33 X
Bases Loaded $4.03 X
Bases Loaded 3 $5.00 X
Battletoads $16.44 X
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge $5.91 X
Black Bass $6.55 X
Blaster Master $7.36 X
Captain Skyhawk $4.47 X
Chessmaster $3.49 X
City Connection $6.47 X
Cleaning Kit $8.00 X
Cobra Triangle $6.37 X
Commando $5.61 X
Contra $18.09 X
Cybernoid The Fighting Machine $4.31 X
Darkwing Duck $37.98 X
Days Of Thunder $4.93 X
Defender II $4.44 X
Defender of the Crown $7.32 X
Destination Earthstar $3.73 X
Double Dribble $3.92 X
Dragon Warrior $7.15 X
Duck Hunt $5.75 X
Excitebike $8.24 X
Fester's Quest $4.93 X
Friday the 13th $10.00 X
Golf $4.99 X
Gotcha $4.72 X
Gyromite $5.34 X
Gyruss $8.49 X
Hoops $2.99 X
Hunt for Red October $5.54 X
Hydlide $6.94 X
Ice Hockey $4.45 X
Infiltrator $4.19 X
Iron Sword Wizards and Warriors II $3.94 X
Iron Tank $8.47 X
Jack Nicklaus Golf $2.87 X
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary $3.73 X
John Elway's Quarterback $3.25 X
Kings of the Beach $4.89 X
Legend of Zelda $17.48 X
Legends of the Diamond $9.80 X
MTV Remote Control $2.41 X
Magic Johnson's Fast Break $3.88 X
Magmax $5.07 X
Major League Baseball $4.10 X
Maniac Mansion $12.75 X
Mega Man 2 $16.84 X
Mega Man 3 $14.50 X
Mega Man 4 $23.99 X
Metal Gear $8.95 X
Metroid $14.25 X
NARC $6.09 X
NES Open Tournament Golf $9.55 X
NFL Football $4.32 X
Ninja Gaiden $10.19 X
Nintendo NES Console $28.11 X
Operation Wolf $4.76 X
Othello $2.03 X
Paperboy $9.38 X
Pictionary $5.53 X
Platoon $4.12 X
Play Action Football $3.06 X
Power Pad $12.99 X
RBI Baseball $4.79 X
Racket Attack $3.14 X
Rad Racer $4.64 X
Rampage $10.41 X
Rescue the Embassy Mission $6.07 X
RoadBlasters $6.43 X
Robo Warrior $6.31 X
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball $3.62 X
Rush'n Attack $7.49 X
Section Z $4.75 X
Sesame Street 123 $3.17 X
Silent Service $4.97 X
Skate or Die $4.49 X
Sky Shark $5.61 X
Snake's Revenge $9.00 X
Spy Hunter $3.35 X
Star Force $6.80 X
Star Tropics $8.50 X
Star Voyager $2.63 X
Super Mario Bros $8.59 X
Super Mario Bros 2 $8.77 X
Super Mario Bros 3 $9.20 X
Super Off Road $7.99 X
Super Team Games $4.99 X
Target Renegade $5.90 X
Tecmo Baseball $4.48 X
Tecmo Bowl $6.21 X
Tecmo Super Bowl $11.66 X
Tecmo World Wrestling $6.86 X
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $5.99 X
The Karate Kid $5.48 X
Tiger-Heli $4.95 X
Top Gun $4.87 X
Track and Field $6.44 X
Track and Field II $2.48 X
WWF Wrestlemania $4.74 X
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge $6.78 X
Wheel of Fortune $4.01 X
Win Lose or Draw $3.40 X
Winter Games $3.07 X
World Class Track Meet $5.00 X
World Games $4.28 X
Wrath of the Black Manta $4.86 X
Xevious $5.75 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nintendo entertainment system nes console bundle collection lot 125 games more i believe this currently most affordable large nes variety bundle on ebay offers ton items this collection i have been working on for about 6 7 years i am bit sad its time let it go i will package safely take great care when sending this i have everything bundle pictured but could provide more detailed pictures if requested both systems are complete have been tested working condition when listed i did not have opportunity test each game individually they should work with couple blows wiggle as every nes gamer used some games will come with manual and/or protective sleevethe complete contents this listing with more details below; nes power set including power pad cib manual duck hunt/track meet zapper 2 controllers box styrofoam shows some wear good condition nes action set near cib with zapper duck hunt/mario 2 controllers box shows wear has lot bumps/divits still good solid condition original grey zapper gun box this 1st edition before they released common orange zapper rare leather nintendo game storage box quick gunner joystick an advantage joystick cleaning kit box 8bitdo nes30 controller box like new condition used twice 1 10 yard fight 2 3d world runner 3 adventure island 4 adventure island 2 5 adventures bayou billy 6 adventures dino riki 7 air fortress 8 al unser turbo racing 9 amagon 10 american gladiators very bad label 11 anticipation 12 arkanoid 13 astynax stickers writing on label 14 back future ii iii 15 baseball 16 bases loaded 17 bases loaded 3 18 battletoads 19 bill elliotts nascar challenge 20 blaster master 21 bumpn jump 22 captain skyhawk 23 chessmaster w/ manual 24 city connection 25 cobra triangle 26 commando 27 contra 28 cybernoid fighting machine 29 darkwing duck 30 days thunder 31 defender ii 32 defender crown 33 destination earthstar 34 double dribble w/ manual 35 dragon warrior w/ manual 36 duck hunt 37 excitebike w/ manual 38 festers quest 39 friday 13th stickers writing on label 40 goal 41 golf w/ manual 42 golgo 13 43 gotcha sticker on label 44 gyromite 45 gyruss 46 hoops w/ manual 47 hunt for red october 48 hydlide 49 ice hockey 50 infiltrator 51 iron sword wizards warriors ii 52 iron tank 53 jack nicklaus golf w/manual 54 jeopardy 25th anniversary 55 john elways quarterback w/manual 56 kings beach 57 legends diamond 58 magic johnson fast break 59 magmax 60 major league baseball 61 maniac mansion 62 mega man 2 63 mega man 3 64 mega man 4 65 metal gear 66 metroid 67 narc w/ manual 68 nes open tournament golf 69 nfl football w/ manual 70 ninja gaiden 71 operation wolf 72 othello w/ manual 73 paperboy 74 pictionary 75 platoon 76 play action football 77 racket attack 78 rad racer 79 rampage 80 rbi baseball w/ manual 81 remote control 82 rescue embassy mission 83 roadblasters 84 robo warrior 85 roger clemens mvp baseball 86 rushn attack 87 section z 88 sesame street 123 89 silent service w/ manual 90 skate or die 91 sky shark 92 snakes revenge 93 spy hunter 94 star force 95 star tropics 96 star voyager 97 super mario 2 98 super mario bros 3 w/ manual 99 super mario/duck hunt w/ manual 100 super off road 101 super team games 102 target renegade 103 tecmo baseball w/ manual 104 tecmo bowl w/ manual 105 tecmo super bowl 106 tecmo world wrestling 107 teenage mutant ninja turtles 108 teenage mutant ninja turtles 2arcade 109 black bass 110 karate kid 111 tiger heli 112 top gun 113 track field 114 track field ii w/ manual 115 wheel fortune 116 win lose or draw w/ manual 117 winter games 118 world class track meet 119 world games 120 wrath black manta bad label 121 wwf wrestlemania 122 wwf wrestlemania challenge 123 xevious 124 zelda nes w/ manual tacticalguide 125 unknown unmarked bonus game no label this listing described best my knowledge please be aware everything used conditions vary per game i hope this collection will continue be used give someone nostalgia enjoyment i have gotten from it past please feel free contact me through ebay mail for questions thanks so much for looking have an awesome day


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