NES 11 Game Lot Paperboy Metroid Skate Or Die Jackal Ninja Gaiden, + More (133275202714)

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Value: $58.09
Price: $75.00
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Games Included

Found Value
Jackal $9.75 X
Metroid $12.78 X
Ninja Gaiden $9.67 X
Paperboy $9.38 X
Skate or Die $4.01 X
The Guardian Legend $12.50 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nes 11 game lot paperboy metroid skate or die jackal ninja gaiden more condition very good all games have been regular use im original owner all but metroid which was bought used guardian legend which i traded game for with friend late 80s or early 90s metroid five screw variant while all others are three screw all games have been tested start right up on my yobo fc twin retron 3 consoles with exception skate or die which bit finicky likely needs pins cleaned paperboy doesnt respond controllers on fc twin but works flawlessly on retron this not an issue with game just way it interacts with fc twin version i have ships via usps priority mail medium flat rate box thanks for looking


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