NES lot #1 megaman 1 2 3 4 5 6 Godzilla castlevania RC pro-am Nintendo 27 games (133204576275)

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Value: $760.19
Price: $698.84
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Games Included

Found Value
A Nightmare on Elm Street $36.42 X
Arkanoid $10.00 X
Best of the Best Championship Karate $43.22 X
Captain America and the Avengers $21.50 X
Castlevania $20.50 X
Castlevania II Simon's Quest $9.91 X
Godzilla $14.70 X
Godzilla 2 $82.88 X
Golf $4.70 X
Journey to Silius $24.49 X
Mega Man $43.47 X
Mega Man 2 $17.47 X
Mega Man 3 $16.99 X
Mega Man 4 $29.16 X
Mega Man 5 $69.99 X
Mega Man 6 $32.50 X
Ninja Gaiden $9.67 X
Ninja Gaiden II The Dark Sword of Chaos $11.43 X
Ninja Gaiden III Ancient Ship of Doom $49.19 X
Nintendo NES Console $45.37 X
RC Pro-AM $5.69 X
RC Pro-AM II $64.99 X
Star Trek 25th Anniversary $11.49 X
Star Trek The Next Generation $25.52 X
Star Wars $16.48 X
Super Spy Hunter $27.09 X
The Punisher $15.37 X
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Listing Description & Photos

nes lot 1

27 sought after nintendo entertainment system nes games 1 free console 2 additional free games all authentic save you lot time money for game hunting one by one
i am selling off my cousins collection hes navy out for deployment i have no tube tv test them out but i had seen him playing these games when he was states keep mind these are 30 year old vintage games may or may not need some cleaning i have no means testing them sold as serious buyers only

i strongly suggest you do little price research before you buy this bundle i have compiled the on going sold price nes games listed below priced listing with discount accordingly course you can always compare with other ebay listings as well good source check price from pricecharting withdot/co m so that you know what you are buying exactly
they track sold items price history from multiple sites

i added total value each loose cartridges total 80184 im selling for $69884
and i will give you
free console nes console looks old beat up cartridge cover is missing it does power up front led lit value
free games snes pebble beach golf links sega genesis sonic knuckles value 1563

  1. a nightmare on elm street
  2. arkanoid
  3. best best championship karate the
  4. captain america avengers
  5. castlevania
  6. castlevania ii simons quest
  7. castlevania iiidraculas curse
  8. godzilla
  9. godzilla 2
  10. journey silius
  11. mega man
  12. mega man 2
  13. mega man 3
  14. mega man 4
  15. mega man 5
  16. mega man 6
  17. ninja gaiden
  18. ninja gaiden ii dark sword chaos
  19. ninja gaiden iii ancient ship doom
  20. rc pro am
  21. rc pro am ii
  22. star trek 25th anniversary
  23. star trek next generation
  24. star wars
  25. star wars empire stricks back
  26. super spy hunter
  27. the punisher

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